Unique Winterwear for Infants

  • Grey's Babes Buntings is unique winterwear for infants who reside in all cool/cold/frigid weather locations. Grey's Babes Buntings is constructed for sturdiness and warmth.
  • Our use of exciting color combinations in conjunction with textual variety gives an exquisite unisex garment.
  • Grey's Babes designs can be interpreted as handcrafted or machine loomed.
         *Crochet: Hand crafted appeal, Cottage industry.
         *Knit: Machine made, large scale manufacturing.
  • Excellent for established manufacturers or Economic Empowering programs worldwide.
"Autumn Harvest"
Designer of infant /baby wear
Baby buntings  Infants Winterwear  Baby Clothes
"Primavera (Spring) Baby"
"Teenie Weenie" (Preemie)
"Jack or Jill"
Baby Outerwear  Winter Buntings  Infants Buntings
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