About Us
Grey's Babes is fashionable outer winterwear for infants.
Grey's Babes are Crochet / Knitting designs of baby buntings.
Distinctive winterwear for infants, buntings for the variations of cool-cold-frigid weather.
Blends and combinations of distinctive materials: chenille, velour, cottons, suede, faux furs, acrylic, nylon.
Grey's Babes Baby Buntings deals with manufacturers of infant wear.
Easy to construct. Attractive to prospective buyers.
We provide handcrafted and machine designs for
  • Commercial manufacture
  • Cottage Industries
  • Economic Empowerment / Self-help programs for women

Our Vision
To introduce a new genre of infant outer wear.
Grey's Babes vision is to dress all babies of cool-cold climates in distinguishing and exciting baby buntings.
"New Fashion" statement made by your baby in these attractive outfits.
Keeping babies warm & fashionable in new color and textural material combinations.
Something that will be wanted by parents and needed by babies in all cool, cold, frigid climates of the world.
Buntings are very utilitarian in providing infants complete covering protection from the elements.
Grey's Babes will be the new "fashion rage" for the upcoming decades and beyond.
Wonderful for manufacturers' wide geographical distribution.
Design and produce buntings for babies all over the world!!!

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Grey's Babes
7924 Wellsmere Circle
Orlando, FL 32835
TEL / FAX: 407.420.7323
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